They'll have a blast.

Nothing will happen to her.

You can't blame me for trying.

There's something true in what he says.

Hsi is on TV.

You have the choice of soup or salad.

That hotel will cost you much more during peak season than off-season.

Roman has lost weight recently.


I like my steak medium.


The ship sailed along the coast of Shikoku.

Andy showed me his collection of stamps.

It had the head of a woman, the body of a lion, the wings of a bird, and the tail of a serpent.


Life is all in all.


Here comes trouble.

They'll do something.

Somebody has broken this dish.


He came home at ten.

Edith got Simon to polish his shoes.

During the exam, Ethan cheated off Gordon.


Are you still a virgin?

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He drowned while swimming in the river.

She finally fell asleep.

I don't apologize for that.

I'd like to know what you mean.

I'm a little concerned.


Well, what was I supposed to say?

From the moment he arrived there, he kept on bothering his doctor to tell him when he would be able to go home.

Rudolf doesn't know much either.


She couldn't answer the question.

I'm driving.

I can't pay you. Are you still willing to help?


The German train drivers strike again.


I study math harder than English.


Could you explain why?


I get a headache just hearing the name "Blaine."


I was hoping that we would find something to eat in the fridge.

What do you say we buy everyone a drink?

Hello, this is room service.


The soup is so hot I can't drink it.

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I studied for more than two hours, and afterward I went to bed.

Nelken can handle that.

Josip drinks more than anyone else I know.

Joel didn't want to work in the coal mines, so he moved to the city.

I'll go and look for Tricia.

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She made it clear that she wanted to go for a swim.

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Kolkka believes that suicide is wrong.

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I no longer wish to be your husband.

The ship is bound for Finland.

Why did you kiss me?

Shirley loves taking pictures.

"Doctor, help, I can't feel my legs at all!" "Don't worry, that's completely normal. I amputated them."

I do not want any bananas at all.

If you have no liking for modern music, you will not enjoy this concert.

But how are you going to decide what is important, and what isn't?

There is less time than I thought.

Mom and dad came home.

Few scientists understand the theory of relativity.

My uncle gave me a pair of shoes.

The two elder brothers arrived first with their wives, beautiful, bright, and cheerful, and dressed in rich garments.

People talk in Toki Pona in the chat room.

What's the minimum salary in Ghana?


I hear you got married again.

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He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

Her mother is a most beautiful woman.

Do you still talk to her?


Who knows what really happened?


You got what you wanted, didn't you?

She had no tissues to wipe away her tears.

Marlena has a bubbly personality.

Dennis never even tried to help me.

Of the two of them, one heads east and one heads west.

Clem and Lex have been married for more than thirty years.

You must try and come to the party.

It seems reasonable.

Isn't Metin supposed to be helping Arne?

Generally I don't like listening to country music.

Nobody knows why.

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I'm twenty-five.

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She spaced out in front of the TV.

I helped mom cook.

Beauty fades.

I've got memories.

I thought that was already obvious.

He answers to the description of the criminal.

It's hard to speak French well.

I don't see any connection here.

You and I must understand one another, and that without delay.

Bernie sustained fatal injuries.

I didn't know when Bob had come to Japan.

Alexis was a great help.

They teased me about it.

Has Hillary's French improved?

In fact, this is a major means of bureaucratic control.

He painted the picture in oils.

Help! I've been locked in!

I'm certain that if you work hard you will succeed.

It's a beautiful day in Poland!

Vance is not who you think he is.

I guess Rafik was just trying to be nice.

I'm a twelve-year-old girl.

Her face turned red.

Would you talk to Gerald for me?

Dawn tried to remember the doctor's name, but he couldn't.


I haven't had a vacation in years.

The question was so complicated that they were all mixed up.

Your wonderful lecture was pearls before swine.

"Don't you know I'm going out with Rolf?" "I don't care."

He has not come home yet, has he?

Do you have any idea what my life is like?

It's snowing again.


I won't let Johan go there.


Karen has done many stupid things.

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All the leaves on the tree have turned yellow.


There is more money than is needed.

Colin saw Laura eating a sandwich under the tree.

I'm sure we all feel that way.

You give me so much.

National rescue teams are on standby ready to fly to Japan.

This subject is taboo.

The bar was so smoky that my eyes started to sting.

Carole kissed me on the cheek.

Radek removed his wet socks.

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I don't think I have the energy for this.

Our teacher lives at the extreme end of the street.

I worked at it.

His ironical remarks are not directed at you.

Did I get anything wrong?

She has a piano lesson once a week.

She always runs away from her responsabilities.

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The doctor advised Mr White not to smoke too much.

The scenery at this mountain is very beautiful.

What are they doing there?


Where do you buy clothes?

He pestered her with questions.

Warm weather favored our picnic.

Suzanne was cool.

I married her.


I only told Klaudia what Hitoshi told me.

She rested on his promise.

I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning.

I wanted to let you know about that, but Shane told me not to say anything.

The government of Mexico refused to negotiate.

I got this CD player for free.

Is there a subway station around?

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Tell him you'd like to leave.

I've taken up painting recently.

No one cares about me.


He promised himself he would again be governor.


There's a place I'd like to show you.

Would you tell us about your guitar?

Nguyen's kids are going on a field trip to the zoo tomorrow.


I'm not chasing them away from here.


The old man sat on the bench with his eyes closed.

I hope that won't happen.

It's difficult bringing up a child who is not your own.


I have a Muslim neighbor.

We haven't done enough.

Too many expedients may spoil a business.

Sylvan became self-conscious.

Dan was arrested and charged with rape.